Kirk Sheppard Photography

Kirk Sheppard

Kirk Sheppard is a professional photographer who specializes in head shots and performance photography. He prides himself on not only being affordable, but also flexible and willing to work with you to provide exactly what you want and need - and exceed your expectations. Using his knowledge of human behavior and personality with an artistic eye, Kirk truly brings out your identity in your photos.

We also offer very low cost web sites for entertainers in all sorts of genres. Inquire for details!

Kirk Sheppard's photos have been used on the Official Page for Kings Island, various performers official web sites, and is currently working with magazines, newspapers, a brand new play, and a mixed media presentation to have his work featured.

Here are some key things that you as the subject in any portrait session should be aware of:

- Photo session time will be paid for in advance or at the time of the session by cash or credit card. Payment for prints or other photo product must be paid before said product is released to the client.

-Kirk Sheppard (and Kirk Sheppard Photography aka KSP) is not responsible for issues the client has with the way client looks in the photo in terms of makeup, hairstyle, skin blemishes, et al. KSP will make reasonable efforts to correct skin blemishes and other unsightly issues but we do not have magic powers. You are responsible for your own wardrobe, hair, and makeup unless otherwise arranged.

-All photos taken by KSP are the property of KSP, protected by Federal Copyright laws, unless rights to the photo are purchased through KSP’s retail web site or other mutually agreed upon method. At that time and not before, the intellectual property changes hands, and you may do whatever you wish with the photos. Until that time and afterwards, KSP reserves the right to utilize the photo in anyway we choose, including advertising, trade sheets and books, portfolios, art exhibits, and so forth and have no liability for any resulting effects of said use. Unless you have purchased the rights to your photos, you may not reproduce or copy any photograph you do not own the rights to (whether you are featured in the photograph or not) without the express written permission of Kirk Sheppard Photography. For example, if you receive a CD of photos from KSP - regardless of whether you purchased the CD or if it was included as a bonus product - you do not have permission to reproduce those photos unless expressly granted by us. KSP will allow you to post your KSP photos on FaceBook and other social media outlets, so long as you give credit to caption or description of the photo and tell all your friends how awesome we are.

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